An era of uncontrolled spending in Formula 1 came to an abrupt halt this year, but one group remains intact by the series` first budget cap: the sport`s drivers. The ten highest-paid Formula 1 stars are expected to bring in a total of $211 million in salaries and bonuses this season. And as is often the case in many sports, eternal battles between adults and boys also occur in Formula 1 teams. Each team has to deal with a budget that, for obvious reasons, is usually not balanced compared to the others. . The same thing happens with pilots` salaries. Carlos Sainz ($8 million), Lando Norris ($9 million), Daniel Ricciardo ($10 million), Valtteri Bottas ($10 million) and Charles Leclerc ($12 million) are among the top ten. Do you know who is in the top 5? Of course, take this with a pinch of salt. But if you wanted to get a better idea of how much Formula 1 drivers pay, now you have your answer. A four-time Formula 1 champion, The Frenchman Prost is one of the most successful racing drivers of all time, with only Sebastian Vettel, Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher competing in or surpassing his titles.

In fact, Formula 1 for 2021 has begun to apply strict procedures in its finances, in part because of what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant, and has achieved a cap of $145 million for this season, which will then be reduced to $135 million by 2023. As recently published by Forbes, the ten highest-paid drivers are expected to have a collective income of $211 million in addition to the usual bonuses for race wins. Of course, sponsors are another source of income for drivers, but in this department there is a gap between Hamilton and Verstappen. For the 2021 season, the highest-paid driver is exactly what you expect from him – the same driver who has been the highest-paid Formula 1 driver since the 2014 season. The next top factor on the list is the one you`ve been waiting for. But further down the top 10, there are a few drivers – and sums of money – that may surprise some. Unlike most professional sports in the United States, where agents and even teams regularly publish contract numbers, Formula 1 is still a rather closed company in this regard and the actual numbers are not published. In Formula 1, drivers usually work for a base salary plus bonuses for wins and place in the final standings. Before signing his dream contract with the Scuderia, Vettel drove for Red Bull-Renault and is one of only four drivers to have won at least four Formula 1 drivers` championship titles. The peloton is led by Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton, who is on track to earn $62 million on track in 2021. That figure includes a base salary of $55 million — more than double what its closest competitor is guaranteed — as well as a planned $7 million bonus for race wins.

But with Hamilton currently stuck in second place overall and in danger of missing out on the drivers` title for only the second time in the last eight years, his prediction doesn`t include a championship bonus, so he`s a bit shy compared to his $66 million on track for 2020 when he won 11 races and the title. This is a difficult question to answer. Usually, this information is not published by the teams or drivers, because why should they? Nevertheless, drivers` salaries are expected to continue to fill the marketing gap. Formula 1`s new budget cap, introduced this season, limits spending to $145 million per team in 2021 and $135 million by 2023 – a shocking change for top teams Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, whose budgets have grown by more than $300 million and up to $400 million in recent years. Regulation has forced them to cut design and research expenses and cut dozens of staff positions, but driver salaries remain exempt from the cost cap and will be one of the few things where deep-pocketed teams can continue to spend money to differentiate themselves. With an estimated net worth of $280 million, Hamilton is one of the most lucrative and marketable engines of all time and has secured endorsement agreements with L`Oréal, Monster Energy, Reebok and Santander, among others. Here are the ten highest-paid Formula 1 drivers for 2021. Formula 1 drivers` salaries are huge, but that`s not all. Contracts often include performance-based bonuses. This can be the case when a driver receives a sum based on winning a race, reaching a certain number of points or reaching a certain position. In fact, with so many elements included under the cap, it`s expected that some of the wealthier teams could even give more money to the best riders in the near future.

Here are the richest Formula One drivers of all time. This means that F1 drivers` salaries are not affected by the cost cap and teams can spend an unlimited amount on their drivers. Still, his net worth of $30 million is indisputable, with an exceptional career at the wheel and a string of consecutive victories that have earned the German rider valuable bonuses and also secured his place among the best drivers in the world. Charles Leclerc is the highest-paid Ferrari driver, earning $12 million compared to the $10 million his new teammate Carlos Sainz will take home, while Valtteri Bottas, Lance Stroll and Kimi Raikkonen round out the top 10. Lopéz did not expect the performances that Kimi took out of his pocket. The Iceman secured a 2nd place in only his fourth race with the team and won two races during his time with the team. He scored so many points that in each of his seasons with Lotus he finished 3rd and 5th in the drivers` standings. Maybe the salaries of F1 stars are not discussed as widely as those of footballers, but there is still a lot of money in this sport. Here are the ten richest Formula One drivers of all time in order of net worth. Despite being the highest-paid F1 driver of 2016, Vettel ranks only ninth on the list of richest drivers in history thanks to a record three-year deal with Ferrari that will bring him around $50 million a year.

This will effectively lead to a situation where the highest paid drivers will receive even higher amounts for their services. F1 drivers don`t usually boast about the amount they receive, but that doesn`t stop the press from speculating. For example, when Lando Norris secured a new two-year contract with McLaren in 2021, it was estimated that the contract was worth £6 million a year. Leadership, intelligence, cool wit, consistency and, above all, skill at the wheel are just some of the qualities that Formula 1 teams look for in drivers to give them a good contract proposal. The world of motorsport, unlike other more popular sports, usually keeps secret the salary of its protagonists, but not because they are too high or too low, but because of the controversy that exists over the inequality between them. can reveal who the 10 highest-paid drivers are on the current Formula 1 grid. Having signed for Mercedes this year, Lewis Hamilton can confirm that he is the best income on the grid, earning $30 million without bonuses this season. But that won`t stop some from guessing.

When drivers post photos on social media of their lavish homes, fast cars, and hedonistic lifestyle, you can`t help but speculate about what they have in the bank. With 20 drivers set to compete for the 2021 Formula 1 season, let`s take a look at the names that will win the highest salaries. Is it Lewis Hamilton? Or Red Bull rival Max Verstappen? Find out which drivers are the highest paid in Formula 1 and how much they earn each year. Iceman`s current deal with Ferrari limits the approvals he can hold, but in 2009 he was named the second highest-paid athlete in the world, just behind Tiger Woods. As an extremely popular driver and the oldest (39 years old) of the current season, he is one of the highest paid on the podium. Although he was absent from F1 circuits two years ago, the Spaniard has returned from the hands of the Alpine team, where he will receive a one-off salary of 25 million without bonuses. Alonso won two championships with Renault (2005 and 2006), competed in the Indianapolis 500, competed in the Dakar Rally and triumphed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona. At 61, he is the oldest driver on the list and one of the richest Formula One drivers of all time, with an estimated net worth of $185 thanks to smart equity investments, large real estate holdings and endorsement contracts in addition to his racing income. But did you know that the highest-paid Formula 1 driver of 2016, Sebastian Vettel, earns almost as much gross salary in a year as the currently highest-paid footie player Cristiano Ronaldo? His success has been big enough to give him an estimated net worth of $220 million, meaning he`s on the podium on this list and is also the 24th highest-paid athlete in the world in terms of salary.

High salaries are essential for F1 drivers, who collect far fewer confirmations than superstars in other sports like tennis and the NBA. .

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