Land confiscated by taxes is the result of unpaid property taxes. The process from default taxes to expiration is as follows: Once the classification is decided, the land is put up for sale by: Sales of land confiscated by the tax are made „as needed“. Unsold packages are available at the counter under the same terms of sale (PDF) approved by the Becker County Board of Commissioners. All information on sales of public land will be published on this site as soon as the information is available. If you prefer to receive a printed notice of the next sale of public land as well as a complete list of parcels offered, please send a cheque for $3.00 with your name and address to: All procedures, rules and conditions governing a public sale of land confiscated by tax for cash or by contract for an act, also apply to a private sale to neighbouring landowners. except that a published notice is not required for a private sale to neighboring owners. These properties are usually small, unbuildable plots of strange shape or size, often inland and usually the result of survey errors, title or property issues, or development/platform issues. Often, an adjacent homeowner does not know that a property confiscated by tax is next to or near their property. A list of possible properties for sale will be prepared by the Department of Lands and Minerals and submitted to the County Council for approval.

Approval from the Minnesota State Department of Natural Resources is also required for certain parcels (on water, mineral potential, etc.). After approval, properties are sold at public auction to the highest bidder. Three public auctions and several private auctions of auxiliary owners are held each year. If a property is not sold at auction, it can be offered over the counter, first come, first served or through an online auction. The sale of tax-confiscated land to a neighboring landowner may be subject to special conditions: Land confiscated by the tax has an inventory of split/splintered plots that the county auditor is only allowed to sell to neighboring landowners as part of a private sale if certain requirements are met. A county official who owns adjacent property may purchase tax-forfeited land that is offered for sale only to neighboring landowners. Only a limited number of people have the right to buy back the land. This includes owners or other persons with ownership rights in the property. The person requesting the redemption must pay all taxes, dues and maintenance costs incurred by the county during the expiration period of the land.

Private parties are not allowed to purchase land unless it has been listed on the title at some point. Note: St. Louis County does not impose sales tax on sales of confiscated land. Fiscally forfeited land is held for sale by the Public Lands Division. These properties represent real estate confiscated for the benefit of the State of Mississippi for non-payment of value taxes. Individuals, businesses and government agencies may apply to the Office of the Secretary of State for the acquisition of such land. Our goal is to use these areas productively again on local tax lists. St. Louis County makes no representations, warranties or guarantees with respect to access to abandoned lands.

Subject to all existing easements and rights of way. It is highly recommended to do extensive research on all tax packages before purchasing. Most liens and mortgages, with the exception of federal and state tax privileges, are voided at the time of expiration, and it is the buyer`s responsibility to verify this information. Contact a lawyer for specific legal questions. Section 282.016 (a) of the Laws of Minnesota states that a county auditor, county treasurer, district court county administrator, county assessor, assessment supervisor or assistant or clerk or employee of such agent, commissioner for fiscally forfeited lands, or assistant to such commissioner, shall not become a purchaser, either personally or as an agent or advocate for any other person, of immovable property offered for sale in accordance with the provisions of this chapter in the county for which the person performs functions. A person who is prohibited from acquiring property under this article may not cause it to be purchased, directly or indirectly, by any other person on behalf of the prohibited Buyer for the benefit or benefit of the prohibited Buyer. The district auditor can carry out the private sale by accepting only sealed offers from neighboring landowners. Other sales methods can also be chosen.

For more information on sales of tax-forfeited land, call the auditor`s office at 218-846-7311 or email [email protected] Becker County currently manages about 75,000 acres of tax-confiscated land. The majority of these areas have been classified as „conservation“ and are maintained and managed by the county for forest products, wildlife habitat, watershed conservation and recreation. Packages classified as „not worth keeping“ are disposed of by exchange or sale in accordance with Minnesota State Act 282. **As of October 31, 2015, all applications to purchase tax-forfeited land must be submitted through the Taxed Online Property Application website. To access this website, please click on the following link Tax-Forfaited Land Search. The goal is to offer these properties to the adjacent landowner and return them to private property. (b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) such officer, deputy, employee or employee or commissioner of tax-forfeited lands or assistant to such commissioner may acquire (1) land belonging to such official at the time the Crown became the absolute owner, or (2) confiscated property offered for sale under the alternative sale procedure described in section 282.01; offer and purchase, Subd. 7a. Land confiscated by taxation is property that has been handed over to the State due to unpaid taxes. The tax-confiscated land program aims to transform these state lands into productive and taxable property. The county manages this process for the state.

Tax-forfeited land managed and offered for sale by St. Louis County is land that was confiscated from the State of Minnesota for non-payment of taxes and is now in possession of it. The following conditions must be met or met in order to make a private sale to a neighbouring landowner. The county auditor must: These parcels cannot be sold to people who are not adjacent landowners. The sale price of the land can only be changed if the property is revalued, published and re-sold to neighbouring landowners. Any plot that is not sold as part of a private sale can be purchased after the sale by any neighboring landowner who pays the sale price of the land. .

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